Booty Call vs. Relationship Tracks

Booty Call or Relationship

Have you ever heard somebody use the expression, “He (or she) has a one track mind?” While this may seem like an oversimplification to some, the idea of establishing which type of relationship you would like to have with another person, from the get go, is essential to its overall success. All too often, one [...]

Dating is a Learning Experience

Dating is a Learning Experience

In the lifelong quest to understand ourselves, hardly any type of activity puts us so intimately in touch with our inner most wants and desires more so than the act of dating. Playing the field easily lends itself to the exploration of your own special psyche, as well as enlightening you to the motivations and [...]

Dancing As Foreplay

Dancing as Foreplay

Dance is more than just a simple sway of the hips. Dance is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as moving your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played, or to move with and guide (someone) as music plays or to dance with (someone). Whether [...]

Overcoming the “Talk Dirty To Me” Jitters

Overcoming the "Talk Dirty To Me" Jitters

For those of us who are on the shy side, participating in erotic talk can lead to such things as stuttering, blushing and speechlessness. Even if you are experienced and accomplished lover, the prospect of talking dirty can still be intimidating and daunting. Like anything else in the sexual realm, getting as much practice as [...]

Creative Ways to Have Fun as a Couple

Creative Ways to Have Fun as a Couple

It’s easy to find new and creative ways to have fun as a couple when you first start dating. Every date is a shared experience that creates a special world with just you and your fascinating love interest. In the dawn of a new relationship, it is only natural to find seemingly endless ways to [...]

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