Dating is a Learning Experience

Dating is a Learning Experience

In the lifelong quest to understand ourselves, hardly any type of activity puts us so intimately in touch with our inner most wants and desires more so than the act of dating. Playing the field easily lends itself to the exploration of your own special psyche, as well as enlightening you to the motivations and dating philosophies of others.

Perhaps the most significant personal aspect of dating is the willingness to accept others through the generous and thoughtful mindset, which is often known as open-mindedness. Since every individual person has a unique past and circumstances to deal with, being open minded can create an atmosphere of sharing and learning from other’s experiences and reactions.

Being open to new things can help enlighten you to fascinating and interesting worlds in which you were never a part of before. Think back to a date you have had in the past in which a person introduced you to an exotic type of food or music. Had you not ventured into this date, these novel and previously unknown cuisines and sounds would not be a part of your current life or lifestyle.

Oftentimes you do not realize what it is you really value until you meet another person who shares similar or dissimilar morals and life goals. Therefore, it is desirable to date many different types of people in order for you to determine your own likes and dislikes concerning various activities and personality traits. For instance, you may not have known that you despise people interrupting you, until you were saying something serious, only to be cut off by your date. Or, you may have never even considered going zip lining until a date suggested it and after trying it, it could become your newest and most pleasurable weekend hobby.

Surprisingly, while dating in an open minded manner, you may suddenly and unexpectedly feel like a tourist in your own town. The activities that your date participates in and locales your date tends to frequent are likely to be different than your own local haunts. This is the perfect chance to get to know your hometown in a brand new way. If new things make you uncertain or nervous, remember that while comfort zones can be safe, they can also inhibit your personal growth. Think of yourself as a bold explorer and when in doubt, fake it till you make it!

Did your date suggest line dancing? Have you never been before? Perfect! Fight the urge to turn it down. This is your chance to try something totally new and exciting. Whether it is a stand-up comedy night, a trip to the roller rink, a hike through the woods or wet and wild water skiing, go for it!

In conclusion, no matter how long you have been dating or how many adventures you have been on, you can still learn more about yourself and the world around you. Think of your future dates as a way to break free from your bubble and jump feet first into an exciting escapade.

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