Boost Your Dating Confidence

Dating with Confidence

Many people would argue that the sexiest people in the world are not necessarily the best looking or best dressed people, they are simply the most self-confident. Confidence is an ultra-powerful personality trait that shines through loud and clear to all who are lucky enough witness its glory. Physically, confidence is visible through a noticeable strut while walking, a twinkle in the eye and a clear, articulate and loud voice.

Although confidence does not come naturally to most people who are embarking on a date, there are many easy ways to increase your confidence before your next date night. Just follow these simple techniques, which are designed to lower your tension level and help you make your best first impression possible. Commit to trying them and you are sure to impress your next date with your large amount of self-assurance.

Play to Your Strengths

If you know you have a great singing voice and stage presence, do not be shy and hide those show biz lungs, show them off! Take the plunge and suggest a karaoke night with your date. If you are an accomplished horseback rider, arrange a private ride for you and your date at your local stable. Or, if you are a huge baseball fan with knowledge of the game and player stats, bring your date to your local stadium to demonstrate your baseball prowess.

However, your strengths do not all have to be based on talent or knowledge. For example, if you are an avid gym goer and you have fantastic legs or arms, pick out an outfit which displays your hard earned physique. Or, if your hair is your best feature, be sure to wash and style it in the way you like best. When you play to your personal strengths, you are displayed the very best you, one you can be proud of. This will increase your self-confidence which will be evident in your posture, your smile and your overall energy and presence.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

A pep talk can seem like a silly idea at first, but sports coaches use them all of the time and they know how to motivate their players. Prior to going on your big date, you can be your own dating coach! Tell yourself what you like about yourself. If there are not many things you would like to say, that is ok. This is a quality over quantity exercise. Some people prefer to look in the mirror and to speak aloud to themselves, although neither of these things are required for the desired effect of boosting your dating confidence. Here is an example of a positive self-talk dialogue, “I am a smart, educated and fit woman.” Notice how it is short, simple and to the point without containing a lot of expectations about the date. Focus and repeat your own version of this pep talk before heading out to your next big date.

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