Tickling the Funny Bone

Tickling the Funny Bone

They say that laughter is the best medicine. When it comes to dating, it is just downright fun to find someone who makes you laugh or vice versa. It can make you feel closer to other people, promote relaxation, improve your mood and it can reduce your dating anxiety.

Having a well-developed sense of humor can be an essential element of your dating success. Making jokes and puns can give you a chance to learn about the other person’s boundaries, morals and sexual preferences. Crack a dirty joke and see how he or she responds. This gut reaction on their part will instantly reveal how open minded, silly, serious or mature they are. For example, if your date makes a lot of racist or sexist jokes and comments, this may not fit into your world view. On the other hand, if they joke around about sexual topics and you are looking for that special perverted someone, this could be an indication of the good things to come.

Aside from making your date night more fun, laughter is well known as a way to benefit your health and well-being according to the scientific community. Similar to sex, laughter burns calories and triggers the release of the “happy” chemicals in your brain known as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Studies have also determined that laughter has an all-natural pain relieving effect on the body as well.

However, if you simply do not feel like a stand-up comedian or you feel super self-conscious while trying to make others laugh, it is ok. You do not have to be in the spotlight. Look for a partner who smiles frequently and is prone to joking around. They will make you laugh, which in turn will loosen you up and make you more prone to trying out a joke or two of your very own.

Take a look at the long term couples in your life. Do they make each other laugh a lot? Most likely they do. Laughter can help “seal the deal” in a relationship and it can encourage togetherness in a positive way. On the flip side, think about the short term couples you have known or have been a part of throughout the years. Why did they only last for a short time? Chances are that laughter was not present in these couplings.

Remember, humor is not always a verbal act. The human body can make people laugh even without the use of words. Have you ever seen a silent movie or a mime? How about watching people dance at a nightclub near last call? Or when you happen to catch someone making jazz hands when they are excited about something? Even clumsiness can become a matter of physical comedy when looked at in the right light.

The best part about laughing is that it is always free and it is available for use at any time by anyone. Use humor as your secret weapon on your next date and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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