Leaving Digital Evidence Behind

Leaving Digital Evidence Behind

Remember back in the day when it was a mission and a struggle to find pornography? You would have to sneak around to sex shops and adult video rental stores, receive brown paper covered magazines in the mail or raid your dad’s stash? Well, with the advent of multi-media technology, now anyone can create, produce and star in their very own porn. Once this X-rated creation has been born, it is easy for anyone with access to technology to distribute it either to an individual or to the masses.

Hiring a boudoir photographer to capture your bedroom image is a thing of the ancient past. Homemade porn truly is the wave of the future. The sheer quantity of images, videos and sound bites available to the average person has become mind blowing. While this can be a fulfilling and exciting adventure, one cannot help but wonder, what becomes all of this digital evidence?

Porn lovers around the globe have collections of homemade porn in their pixilated spank banks. A large portion of their collection may consist of anonymous amateur acts from websites. However, you can bet that they saved all of the sexts, Snapchats, Skype sessions, screen shots and sexy pictures they have been sent as well. This raises an interesting question. How can you be certain that this digital flirtation is safe and private?

Unfortunately, the answer is you can’t. Whether you are sending, receiving or both, media captures a moment in time which is difficult to erase. Sure, post breakup you may choose to delete the files or folders you have of sexy times with your ex, but how can you be sure that they followed suit and erased their pics of you?

For this reason, many women are more comfortable getting images than sending them. Some folks prefer to keep their face out of frame in order to remain a mystery man or woman. Visible scars and tattoos can also become a problem when wanting to stay anonymous.

If you are concerned about your privacy for reasons such as your job, family or religious beliefs, this can be a somewhat scary topic. If you feel as though your evidence is being shared or exposed without your permission, it is best to confront the person you suspect. In most cases, you will have evidence of them as well, so this can create a stalemate situation in which they cease and desist.

It is best to approach homemade porn swapping as a somewhat risky venture. Sure, you do not have the regular sex risks like STDs and pregnancy, but the implications can still be far reaching. This is due to the fact that media can last for such a long period of time. Copies are a cinch to make and uploading images or videos to the internet only takes minutes. For your own privacy, have an upfront and thorough discussion with the other party prior to sharing any sexy pixels with them.

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