Dating and Double Standards

Dating and Double Standards

Traditional gender roles may have been thrown out the window decades ago, but some elements of the 1950’s are still alive and thriving today, when it comes to the dating game. When you are single and looking for love, sex or romance it can be very hard to ignore some blatant gender stereotypes. Expectations of each gender and their specific role can either be helpful or harmful, depending on what you desire in a partner.

Before you dismiss someone for not fitting into society’s rules for their gender, take a look at the person as a whole. Do they treat you with kindness and respect? Do they get your motor running? If so, who really cares if he is feminine for a guy or masculine for a girl? If he wants to bake cupcakes while you change the oil in his car, is this really an unacceptable way to live?

Being open minded about gender roles can lead to some frustration among those searching for companionship. Here are some of the most common gender based double standards which you are sure to run across during your quest for a loving and fun relationship.

Blue Hair vs. Silverback

What do celebrities Kim Cattrall, Halle Berry, Demi Moore all have in common? They are all cougars, a rare breed of sexy older women who date younger men. They are defying the stereotype that women lose their looks and sexual energy when they get to a certain age.

In contrast, it has been far more accepted and “normal” for older men to date or marry younger female partners. Mature men (or silverbacks) are generally seen as experienced, wise and ready to settle down as opposed to being young, rowdy and irresponsible bucks.

Money Matters vs. Broke as a Joke

When a woman has a kept man, she is sure to hear negative whispers about it. People assume she is being taken advantage of. But, when a man makes more money than his date or significant other, he is seen as the great provider. Unlike a sugar mamma, a sugar daddy rarely catches flak from society for taking care of a female financially. It is seen as normal and acceptable.

Slut vs. Stud
This age old double standard deals with reactions from others to gender and sexuality. Men who consort with a lady and tell their friends about it are congratulated or high fived. For many men, it is a rite of passage into acceptance from others. In contrast, women who reveal their exploits are considered easy or dirty and therefore tend to underexaggerate or play down the sexual events.

Society’s reaction towards sexual behavior and gender truly is biased. Whether you are male or female, remember that as long as you do what makes you happy, you can rise above these antiquated notions of how you should conduct yourself in the dating world. So rise up and throw these old dating double standards to the wind!

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