Old Fashioned Dating Tips for the Modern World

Old Fashioned Dating Tips

Old fashioned dating is not just for hep cats and squares. It is a refreshing way to stand out amongst the crowd. Fed up with modern day dating habits? Are you not tired of being “some chick” or “that dude?” This list of tried and true old fashioned dating tips can help you on your way to becoming a noteworthy gentleman or a lady in the world of dating. Use them and you may even be referred to by name!

1. Silence Your Phones
With the rare exceptions of looking up restaurant directions or showing off a pic of your latest oil painting, follow the old standard of no cell phones on dates. This conveys respect for the other person’s time and shows them how interested you are in them.

2. Dress to Impress
If you have ever looked at old timey photos or watched old movies, I am sure you have noticed how formal the courting attire was back then. Of course, fashion and style have changed tremendously since then. However, there is still something to be said for someone who gets dolled up or dons a dapper outfit before going on a date. Looking good can boost your confidence and show your date you made a genuine effort to impress them. Even if you are planning an outdoorsy kind of date, you can still make sure you are in nice, new and clean clothes. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so ditch those cargo shorts with the holes in them or that ratty bra and come up with an ensemble that will knock their socks off.

3. Make a Date, Not a Hangout
So many people are confused by the term hangout. It is one of the most noncommittal ways to get together with someone you are interested in. Usually it is spur of the moment and involves a group of people. I cannot express how many single people simply do not know, is this a date or not? To start it off right, be clear and specific about your intentions. Set aside some one-on-one time in the future. Make a definite plan. If they say yes to the date, you will not have to keep asking yourself, are they into me? They said yes because they are.

4. The Door Greeting
This long lost ritual consists of the driver getting out of the car and coming to their date’s door for a pick up. Traditionally, a small token of gratitude is then presented to the date, be it flowers, a CD, candy, wine or any other number of items. Simply texting the word “here” from the parking lot or driveway and waiting in the car for the other to get in is perhaps the least romantic way to begin a date. If you want your date to make an effort towards you, make this small effort. Show them you care enough to turn your engine off and walk to their door.

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