Tips for Rekindling the Romance


When a romance begins, it seems like the passion will never fade away. When romance blossoms it can seriously feel like it will last through all of eternity. Songs sound better, colors are more vibrant, food tastes better and signs of romance are found around every corner.

However, the reality of this long term romance is this: at times it will be somewhat less than ideal and the romance you once felt so strongly can dwindle. When this happens, it is vital to the health and longevity of the relationship to rekindle the romance.

Build the Mood throughout the Day

During the course of your day, keep your partner in mind. If you normally only see your significant other at night, reach out to them during the day. Send them a suggestive text, email or leave them a note to find at home to remind them that you care. Suspense and anticipation can wane and fade after you establish a set routine together, so sending a note out of the blue, a naughty thought or passionate phrase at a random time can break the monotony of your everyday schedule. Communicating your desires to them will boost their mood and their ego and is sure to make sparks fly. This is an especially important tip for those who are in a long distance relationship.

Get Together and Be Active

All too often, couples become complacent and somewhat lazy in their time with one another. It becomes commonplace to sit around and watch TV, or go out to eat or to the movies. Instead of just sitting around, go out there and get your blood flowing.

Doing something physical together outside of the bedroom can lead to more time in the bedroom. Not only does exercise promote circulation, it can decrease blood pressure and stress levels, leaving you less distracted afterwards. Then, you can focus on romance. You do not have to hit the gym to have this effect. Take a walk together, go swimming or do some lawn work. Whatever the activity, just do it together and you will increase your health and your bond with one another.

When in Doubt, Rely on Old Standards

There is a reason why the traditionally romantic behaviors and products came to be known in this light. They work. Take wine, candles and lingerie for example. These are well known signals to let one partner to know when the other partner is in the mood for romance. They are like big flags saying, “I am ready.” For those who fear rejection and are reluctant to suggest romance because of this fear, this surefire tip will let them know there is nothing to be afraid of this time.

Other standard methods work very well too. Slow dance, watch the stars together or give her flowers. These may seem like outdated and cheesy tactics, but they are tried and true, time tested classics which are more than likely to set things aflame. Try one or more out of these standards out and you will quickly see how much a retro romantic move will pay off in the future.

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