Meet and Greet Etiquette=

Meet and Greet Etiquette

Congrats! You are finally getting together, in person, with that incredible guy or gal you met on Talk Café. Suddenly, you spot them from across the room. Now what?

The ways in which we choose to greet a potential mate can reveal a great deal about our level of attractiveness to them. Right off the bat, before you even approach one another, a heartfelt smile and a twinkle in the eye are always good signs. A wink or a raised eyebrow are also positive indications that sparks are about to start flying.

As long as you are interested and attracted to them, initiate some sort of brief touching during the “hello” sequence. This lets them know that you are trying to become closer to them.

Everyone has their own unique idea of what type of physical greeting is proper. You may be a warm and inviting person who generally opts for a hug and/or a kiss on the cheek, or you may feel more at ease with a handshake or a gentle caress on the shoulder, arm or back. In cases where shy or introverted people are greeting one another, this greet-n-touch process may cause some feelings of nervousness and vulnerability to arise. Just bear in mind that unless the initial greeting is inappropriately sexual, like as in a Battle Royale of tongue fighting, no one will be watching or judging you during your meet and greet. Just relax, take a deep breath and march on over to the hottie who has been haunting your thoughts.

During the first ten minutes or so, take a mental note of the percentages of time in which each of you is dominating the conversation. If you are speaking too much, back off and allow them to get a few words in. If you have hardly spoken at all, chime in with a funny quip or wild story from your past. The goal is a give and take type of conversation.

Practice your active listening skills from the get go. This is your chance to pick up some important details about your date, so really pay attention to what they are saying, from “hi” to “bye.” Lean in towards them and maintain eye contact as much as possible. Listen to how your date talks to the other people in your vicinity as well.

Regardless of whether or not they are the man or woman of your dreams, be respectful of their time and effort. Compliment them and avoid checking your cell phone, unless it is a dire emergency. In fact, it is best to either turn off your phone, or change its setting to silent before the get together begins. Be sure to maintain focus on your date. It is common courtesy and you will both have a better time if you are considerate and polite to one another.

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