Creative Ways to Have Fun as a Couple

Creative Ways to Have Fun as a Couple

It’s easy to find new and creative ways to have fun as a couple when you first start dating. Every date is a shared experience that creates a special world with just you and your fascinating love interest. In the dawn of a new relationship, it is only natural to find seemingly endless ways to enjoy time as a couple. However, it is also far too easy to fall into a rut as your relationship becomes more established.

While it can be comforting to fall into a routine with your partner, it is also important to seek out new experiences as a way of keeping your relationship fresh. First, think about what activities you like to do together and expand on that. There is nothing to say that you have to try new activities that make you feel uncomfortable. Start by tweaking your favorite activities and make little forays outside the comfort zone of your relationship. Not only will these experiences give you something to talk about as a couple, it will also help create a world that you only share with each other and that further strengthens your relationship.

Get Off the Couch—While it’s nice to snuggle up on the couch and binge on a marathon of your favorite shows or the newest movie to hit your Netflix queue, there comes a time when you and your honey need to get off the couch. Why not find an activity inspired by your favorite shows and movies?

  • Visit featured restaurants or locations from your favorite shows.
  • Live out your favorite show by trying a new activity—think rock climbing!
  • Co-host a watch party complete with themed food and drinks.

Get Cookin’—Everyone needs to eat and most us eat at least three meals a day, and it’s always more fun to break bread with someone special. Meal times present the perfect opportunity to have fun together as a couple and others.

  • Choose one day a week to wake up early for a leisurely breakfast.
  • Try an ethnic restaurant on your next date.
  • Meet up for a quick lunch during the hectic week.
  • Share meal prep and kitchen duties together.

Get Creative—Life gets busy and it can be hard to find time together, much less finding time to try new things. Don’t get so bogged down in making every date or every minute so special that you don’t even bother to spend time together. By broadening your definition of quality time, you can find more ways to enjoy time as a couple.

  • Forget efficiency and run errands together.
  • Hide little love notes or set up playful alerts on their phone.
  • Carpool to and from work.

Get in the Game—Stir up passion by participating in some friendly competition. Whether you plan a monthly game night with other friends or sign up for intramural sports, you’ll learn a lot about how you work as a couple while having fun and playing games.

  • Cheer on the home team from the stands of a game.
  • Join an adult sports league together and play on the same team.
  • Plan a game night with your favorite games or go wild and learn a new game together.

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