Overcoming the "Talk Dirty To Me" Jitters

Overcoming the "Talk Dirty To Me" Jitters

For those of us who are on the shy side, participating in erotic talk can lead to such things as stuttering, blushing and speechlessness. Even if you are experienced and accomplished lover, the prospect of talking dirty can still be intimidating and daunting. Like anything else in the sexual realm, getting as much practice as possible is the key to feeling comfortable, confident, open and successful.

So, you are on the phone with an exciting and attractive person. They start steering the conversation towards sexuality and sexual acts. Suddenly, your heart rate goes up and you may feel flushed or nervous. When you begin to feel anxious about talking dirty, simply remember you are safe and that this is just another form of getting to know a prospective or current partner.

In fact, it is a unique chance to explore new territory in a safe and healthy way. When you remove the fear of rejection, the risk level for talking dirty over the phone is pretty low. Even you if you feel embarrassed or you feel like you made a blundering beginner’s mistake, it certainly is not the end of the world. As with most things in life, effort is the key ingredient.

Do not feel pressured to be overly creative or original in your dialogue. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. In reality, complete sentences or paragraphs are definitely not necessary in these circumstances. If you are at a loss and words are escaping you, do not panic. Utterances like moans, sighs, and breathing can be just as sexy, if not sexier than the words themselves.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself, ask about them and their preferences. Or, if you would rather speak of your desires and needs only, stay focused on what you want. When you begin to feel more forthcoming, paint them a picture with a few descriptive words. They will respond to your verbal cues.

Erotic talk can stimulate your brain and body in a unique way because our society is usually very focused on the visual aspects of sexual attractiveness. However, hormone levels (estrogen and testosterone) have a tremendous impact on the sound of the human voice during puberty. The change in the male voice from child to adult represents sexual maturity and a deep voice signifies a strong and masculine partner. Furthermore, recent studies have even shown that the female voice becomes significantly higher while she is most fertile as an extra enticement.

Talking dirty is a great tool because it allows you to learn about both yourself and the other person simultaneously. This is the perfect opportunity to figure out if you are sexually compatible or not, before you waste a lot of time and effort on someone who does not fit your bill. Additionally, if you feel as though you are a good match, talking dirty can heighten the level of arousal between the two of you. Like a suspenseful movie, the anticipation you create together can be very exciting and can keep you on the edge of your seat.

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