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With Talk Café you can flirt, laugh and find romance right over the phone. Call Talk Café just for fun, to find a relationship or to make plans to meet someone in person.


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Talk Café is where exciting local singles meet. In fact, your dream date could be ready and waiting for you right now! With so many locals to choose from, how can you go wrong?

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Finding Trust in a New Relationship

It can happen to the best of us in what we assume are the happiest and healthiest relationships. All it takes is one not-so-innocent text or an inappropriate email ...

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Tips for Rekindling the Romance

When a romance begins, it seems like the passion will never fade away. When romance blossoms it can seriously feel like it will last through all of eternity.

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How It Works

Talk Café is the easiest way to find your perfect match! Socialize with singles in your area or talk with people from all over the country. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or you just want to talk with someone new, Talk Cafe is a safe, great way to meet new singles!

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