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Where Singles Mingle

With Talk Cafe, you can flirt, laugh, and find romance over the phone. Unlike other online dating services, we don't collect your personal information. All caller's identities and phone numbers are kept private and anonymous.

Live Talk

When You're Ready to Talk Live!

Simply record your first name and a short description about yourself to let the others know who you are and what you're looking for. Next, listen to the greetings from the other singles. When you hear a greeting that sparks your interest, send them a private message requesting a live conversation.

Your greeting will be played to others as long as you're on the system. You can even update your greeting anytime to ensure that your personality shines. Sending out lots of private messages and connection requests will increase your chances of success!

Voice Personals

Create your private mailbox that answers for you!

With our exclusive Voice Personals system, you can set up a profile in various categories, browse messages left by other callers, and create your private mailbox. After you receive a message you like, you can set it up as an answering machine so that you can exchange messages or set up a time to meet them later in Live Talk. Voice Personals is a great way to get to know someone better and to communicate privately.


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