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System Tips

Use our handy System Tips matrix to find answers to questions you may have.
Simply click on the question title to reveal the answer.

  • Call into the system.
  • Enter your Personal ID code.
  • Press “9″ to agree with Rules & Suggestions.
  • On the System Main Menu - Press “1″ to enter Live Talk and you're in!

  • Record your personal greeting and meet the ladies/guys online
  • Instructions
  • Tips for a successful greeting
  • Sample greetings

  • Press 1 to replay the message
  • Press 2 to send a personal message
  • Press 3 to connect with this caller
  • Press 4 to continue browsing
  • Press 5 to block the caller from sending you any messages

  • Call into the system.
  • Enter your Personal ID code.
  • Press “9″ to agree with the rules & suggestions.
  • On the System Main Menu, press “2″ to enter Voice Personals.

  • Listen to voice ads
  • Create your own voice ad
  • Respond to a particular voice ad
  • Retrieve your messages or change your voice ad
  • How the Voice Personals works
  • Tips on how to record a successful voice ad and sample ads

  • There are five main categories with a variety of subcategories.
  • SEX: Man, Woman, Couple
  • RACE: Caucasian, African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, Other
  • AGE: Students, 20s, 30s, 40s, Older
  • AREA: Within your own area, another area, all over the country
  • TALK: Friendly conversation only, romance leading to long-term relationships, casual encounters, take a walk on the wild side, No preference

Call into the system, enter the Voice Personal menu, then press “2” to record your greeting. After you record your greeting, the system will give you a 5-digit mailbox number and have you choose a 4-digit PIN to check your messages. When you first set up your mailbox, it may take up to 24 hours for your greeting to be approved, and you start receiving messages.

Your Personal ID code is what you enter each time you make a call. It is a combination of your 10-digit phone number and a 4-digit PIN of your choice. For example, if your phone number is (555) 786-4778, and your PIN is 6244, your Personal ID code would be 555 786 6244.

Call into the system, enter Voice Personal menu and then press “4” to retrieve your messages. You’ll need your 5-digit mailbox number and the 4-digit PIN you selected.

Press the hashtag (#), which takes you to the Main Menu, where you can enter Voice Personals.

This means someone is responding to your connection request, and you’re about to connect live. Press any key on your phone to connect with them.

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